Beyond Business – Enriching Lives

We at Jindal Speciality Chemicals believe that sustainability is all about embracing the mindset of doing the right thing always. To achieve long-term success and feasibility in our quest for sustainability, we have developed a philosophy where we attempt to balance the three important factors – environment, people and economy.


By being sustainable in our actions we are foremost conserving our natural environment, not letting our resources exhaust and we are balancing out to avoid the disaster of climate change. These decisions not only work towards our needs but also indirectly manages the safety and health component of people.

It is not farfetched that sustainability in manufacturing and supply chains has a positive impact on the overall economy of an organization as it leads to innovation and innovation leads to growth. This leads to more and more environmental-friendly investments, completing the circle of planet, people and profit.

Energy and Climate

We believe innovative technologies are key drivers for the production of renewable energy. So we are moving past the traditional production processes and are adopting new sustainable technologies such as solar panels to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in our productions.

Going forward, with more access to renewable energy we are determined to reduce emissions by adopting zero-carbon-emission processes.


Water Management

The world is expected to face water shortages in the future due to a growing population and the rise in water consumption. The decline in renewable water resources caused by the effects of climate change is going to make it more challenging for us.

To tackle this issue at hand, we are reducing our water footprint in our processes through combination of changing behaviour, reducing overall water consumption and increasing internal reuse by adopting initiatives like rainwater harvesting and waste-water treatment. Also, many of our plants are ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

Growth and Innovation

In providing solutions to the challenges of our time, we are committed to creating value for our society. Through innovation, we are able to provide products and services that address challenges such as climate change, and access to energy, water, food and healthcare.

We believe that business opportunities in addressing emerging challenges such as the need to reduce plastic waste and increase recycling rates can be leveraged towards our ambition to grow our business.


Responsible Supply Chain

Our supply chain is a crucial part of our business, and we take a strategic approach to sourcing. We source commodities and equipment from national and international suppliers as per business requirements.

We have a procurement policy along with a supplier and contractor sustainability management policy and supplier code of conduct that meticulously governs our relationship with partners. The policies enable the supplier screening process and help evaluate them on the basis of social and environmental parameters.

We are investing in appropriate technologies to create best-in-class procurement processes with the implementation of the latest IT systems.

Health and Safety

We at Jindal Speciality Chemicals strongly believe that greater health and safety lead to improved physical and mental well-being, which contributes to a more effective organization.

Plant maintenance ensures continual improvement of the health standards. Our employees undergo medical check-ups while technicians involved in chemical processes undergo rigorous health tests.

We have made safety-related information, education and training available to our employees, other interested parties and stakeholders. We also organise various safety training, initiatives, mock drills and campaigns.

We periodically review and communicate our Policy, Objectives and Targets, significant aspects, risk levels and performances to our employees and interested parties.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and the safety pledge reaffirms our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.

We believe ourselves to be net talent exporters for making the whole chemical manufacturing sector safer.

Social Engagement

As a socially responsible organization, it is important for us to make trusting relationships with local communities through social engagement.

Jindal Speciality Chemicals promotes diversity, equity and inclusion across the whole organization. We believe the power of diverse perspective and backgrounds foster a stronger, inclusive workplace culture.

At Jindal Speciality Chemicals, training and education of employees are given the highest priority. We know to stay relevant in this fast-paced world upskilling and reskilling are important. That’s why we offer training programs, career opportunities that ensure our employees stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and help them go beyond their potential.