Ever since our commencement, we have conducted business with a larger purpose by serving a wide range of customers across several industries. As a trusted organization in the chemical industry, we have been a comprehensive provider to every customer and supported their growth over the years.


Agro Intermediates

We meet the demands of varied intermediates from the crop science industry. These intermediates help in the development of top-level fertilizers, crop defense solutions, seed treatment chemicals etc. Few of our intermediates also support in manufacturing of specific chemicals used in herbicides and seed treatment.


Pharma Intermediates

We develop intermediates for pharmaceutical companies which helps them in the production of drugs. These intermediates are used in different stages either as the key ingredient or as a raw material.


Rubber and Polymer

Our high-quality and high-performance chemicals support the rubber and polymer industries. Using our established knowledge of material science, we provide solutions to your challenges.


Dyes and Pigment

We have a broad portfolio of chemicals that are utilized in the production of pigments and dyes. We provide innovative chemicals that enhance effectiveness, performance and sustainability.


Industrial Solvent

We develop and deliver industrial solvents for many different applications and industries. A variety of solvents are also used as chemical intermediates, fuels, components of varied products etc.


Life Science and Food

We provide services for every step in the food production process. We also deliver chemistry for life science, basically, it covers everything that impacts our lives on a regular basis.

Industrial Specialities

Our industrial speciality products are used in the production of various end results. These products are also utilized as intermediates for a wide range of ingredients.